April 20, 2022

A Real, Live, House & Outdoor Deck Fundraiser!

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Join us Wednesday, April 27th! Enjoy a house deck with a view if you don’t want to be indoors! Enjoy music by Karl Wilhelmi’s great jazz trio! See friends again! Join Les, Jessica, and 50 great hosts at the awesome, generous Rocky Plotnick’s home with a view!

Can’t make it? Please donate so we can win a race against Dunleavy’s Outside funded campaign. We can win this race, but it will take all of us, together.

When: Wednesday, April 27, 5 – 7 p.m.

Where: Rocky Plotnick’s beautiful home with a view at 16360 Far View Pl.
(Need directions? Call 907-321-7625)

Can’t make it? Please Donate Today!

Join these Great Friends on Wednesday, April 27 at Rocky Plotnick’s Home & Deck!

Meg Zaletel, Suzanne LaFrance, Pete Petersen, Margo Bellamy, Kelly Lessens, Eleanor Andrews, Carl Johnson, Carl Jacobs, Suzanne Little, Celeste Hodge Growden, Jonathan White, Tina Tomsen, Karen & Steve Compton, Amanda Metivier, Amber Lee, Osa Tham & John Lapkass, Bob Waldrop, Pete Mjos, Bob Osborne, Jennifer Hazen, Sharon & Russ Winner, Laile Fairbairn, Bobbi Olson, Sandy Gottstein, Diane DiSanto, Lindsay Kavanaugh, James Smallwood, Patti & Pat Higgins, Rich Curtner, John Palmatier, Valerie Waldrop & Marc Kornmesser, Jane McClure & Bill Eggimann,Emily Olsen, Don Rearden, Ann Rappoport, Veri DiSuvero, Fred Traber & Larry Snider, Anthony Banker, Anna & John Polonowski, Don Rearden, Toby Schwoerer & Darcy Dugan, Sean Elder, Tasha Hotch, Lorie Hardin, Nancy & Jerry Wertzbaugher, Michele O’Fallon, Sharon Pruzko, Karen Greenberg, AJ Schirack, Beth Baker, and Frank Gwartney.

Alaska Donation Rules:

EVERY donation matters. We will certainly have to find a handful of large donors. But that may not be you. If you can only donate $25 or $50, that helps! If you’ve been financially successful in life and can donate $2,000, $3,000, or even more, that helps! If you can donate in the middle of those amounts, that helps! Please just do what you can to make sure this Governor doesn’t remain in office until 2026! Thank You! If you have questions, please let us know at les@lesgara.com. Our Best, Les and Jessica