April 8, 2022

Alaska Voices: Our vision of a state with better schools, better jobs

We want to move Alaska forward again

By Les Gara and Jessica Cook | Peninsula Clarion | April 4, 2022

We believe in a state that creates opportunity, with good schools that help students achieve and good jobs so people can build a future here. Workers deserve a living wage, so a full-time worker doesn’t have to raise a child in poverty. But today too many people don’t see a bright future here. That’s why 20,000 more people have left Alaska under this governor than have moved here. And if this governor keeps siding with irresponsible projects like the Pebble Mine over our fish, this will get worse. Responsible mines make sense. Pebble, like excessive Outside factory bottom trawling, are a danger to the economy and people who rely on Alaska’s fish.

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