For Governor


We Can Win This Campaign With Your Help!

This will be an expensive election. Please donate as generously as your means allow TODAY, whether you can afford the $500 per person annual donation limit, $250, $150, $50, or what your means allow. Governor Dunleavy was elected by special interest money, including $1.4 million from 2 businessmen in 2018. I’ll keep working hard so he’ll never be able to drown out your voices. 

Alaska law requires that we keep track of a donor’s name, address, occupation, employer name, and employer’s city, so please fill out those fields. Business contributions are not allowed (e-mail if you need to know the legal exceptions to this rule).

Note: Because of a lawsuit challenging Alaska’s $500 campaign donation limit, the future of that limit is uncertain. The $500 limit currently remains in force. If you can afford more than that, I’ll let you know if the limit increases. 

You can donate with a credit card or check. If you’d rather write a check, please include the legally required name and work information noted above, and mail it to Alaskans for Les Gara at the address on the bottom of this page.

Thank You!!!!


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