We can win this campaign with your help!

Note: Alaska’s donation limits were increased to $1,500. Governor Dunleavy intentionally refused to appeal a ruling invalidating a voter-passed $500 donation limit. I ask that you please donate as generously as your personal means allow.

We can’t let Mike Dunleavy buy this election!

Donation Rules:

  1. Business contributions are not allowed (e-mail if you need to know the legal exceptions to this rule).
  2. You can donate with a Credit Card here.
  3. You can also Donate By Check – If you do, please include the following legally required information: Your name, address, occupation, and your employer’s name. Write checks to Alaskans for Les Gara, and mail them to PO Box 200415, Anchorage, AK 99520. An e-mail will save money on printing, if you’d like to provide one. We won’t sell it!

Thank You!

On a Budget? Consider a Monthly Donation
(Maximum legal monthly donation is $130/month)

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