March 14, 2022

Dunleavy Orchestrates End to Campaign Donation Limits

Dear Friends and Supporters:

On Thursday we received the news I had feared – and fought to prevent. There is no longer any limit on campaign donations in Alaska. Mike Dunleavy orchestrated this starting in August, as Dermot Cole recently wrote. It ties my stomach in knots to ask those of you who’ve been so generous to consider helping again. But we can’t let Mike Dunleavy buy an office in the Capitol until 2026. I have no choice but to ask.

We’ve worked hard on this campaign and had more donors than any other campaign. We’ll win this race together. Please let me know if you have any questions at

But this is what we’re up against. Last election two big donors put $1.4 million in dark money into a pro-Dunleavy campaign group. Now they and others will send that money straight to him. Who else will he call? My bet is he’ll soon call his executive friends who want to build the toxic Pebble Mine, and his friends in the oil industry who don’t want their corporations to pay a fair share to help move this state forward.

I appreciate everything every one of you has done or plans on doing to help. And whether you can help more, I know, depends on your circumstances.

But you can bet that Mike Dunleavy is going to be on the phone soon with those who’d harm this state out of self-interest. That includes those who were happy he tried cutting a quarter-billion dollars from our schools, and those who don’t care that this Governor has sat by as people leave this state because they see no future.

We can win this race together, and I’ll keep working hard to try to do that.

All my best,


Les Gara