Fun at a Zoom Fundraiser? Yes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 6:30 – 7:30pm

Jan 25 fundraiser invitation

Join nearly 100 great hosts from the Arctic Circle to Southeast this Tuesday, January 25 from 6:30-7:30PM. Help make our strong 1st Quarter Public Fundraising Report even stronger. We’ll raise the funds to replace our Trump-endorsed Governor with your help.

OK, why keep it a surprise. Mr. Whitekeys will join to make you crack a smile. You’ll hear about this race from Sen. Hollis French and nationally recognized Foster Youth Advocate Amanda Metivier. Thanks to Mary Schallert who’ll sing a few tunes. With your support we’ll win this race under our new “Ranked Choice Voting” system.

Kelly and I will be there of course, and I’ll talk about the #BetterFuture Alaska deserves. I’ll stay afterwards to listen and answer your questions.

You Deserve A Better Future

I’m the only major candidate in this race: Who’s pro-choice and believes in equal rights for all Alaskans (both my main opponents have let their AG’s try to roll back a woman’s right to choose); and who hasn’t pushed to cut education funding

You deserve a Governor who doesn’t disappear when he should be sending a strong message that safe behavior and vaccination will help us out of a COVID pandemic that’s hospitalizes people and upends our lives.  

I believe people deserve a fair chance to succeed and a living wage. I’ve voted for and will pass the fiscal plan we need for a bright future, jobs, and opportunity for all. I believe in a strong University that provides quality college and vocational education. Coastal Alaskans deserve a Marine Highway they can rely on. Rural Alaskans deserve fairness, and police in communities that have none. We need to move to more renewable energy.

Alaska’s Donation Rules

Please donate as much as your means allow. Note: Your 2021 donations don’t count towards the 2022 calendar year per person donation limit. If you can afford the legal $1,500 limit, thank you. But whether it’s $1,500, $1,000, $500, $250, $150, $25 or $10, every donation helps! If you’ve donated already, I have to ask that you donate again this year if you can.

Thank you to Our Statewide Hosts!

Hollis French, Mr. Whitekeys, Mindy O’Neall, Kameron Perez-Verdia, Robin Samuelson, Meg Zaletel, Will Muldoon, Deena Mitchell, Mike Davis, Woodie and Kaitlyn Salmon, Joe Paskvan, Carol Comeau, AlexAnna & Christina Salmon, Jim Ayers, David Ramseur, Amanda Metivier, Kevin Campbell, Bill Falsey, Casey Steinau, Lindsay Kavanaugh, Barb Angaiak, Kim Metcalfe, James Smallwood, Cindy Smith, Kelly Lessens, Jessica Hill Cook, Wally & Jerri Cole, Tasha Hotch, Karen & Steve Compton, Tina Tomsen, Pete Mjos, Emily Olsen, Emily Kane, Elizabeth and Jim O’Malley, Annette & Don Rearden, Pete Sprague, Scott Taylor, Debbie Moderow, Diane Disanto, Thomas Fletcher, Eric Myers, Sue Johnson, Sara Callaghan Chapell, Jeff Silverman, Lynda Paquette, Katie Jo Parrott, Ron Keffer, Anne Wilkas, Ann Rappoport, Bob Osborne, Jim Gottstein, Lorrie Harden, Anita Thorne, Fred Traber & Larry Snider, Andre Camara, Hannah Moderow & Erik Grafe, Bobbi Olson, Lila Hobbs, Marilyn Pillifant, Monica Southworth, Veri di Suvero, Michael Schoder, Cheryl Lovegreen, Mike Wenstrup, Rocky Plotnick, Mary Schallert, Barb Brink, Barb Malchick, Adam Mokelke, Elstun Lauessen, Frank Gwartney, Andrea Lang , Corinne McVee, Caroline Storm, Cece Franko, Fay Herold, Morgan White, Sarah Ferrency, Ken Winterberger and Brian Himelbloom, Mindy Meyn

My Best,

Les Gara


How the new “Ranked Choice Voting” system helps us win this race!

Ranked Choice Voting was intended to solve the problem of “splitting the vote”, and forcing you to choose your second-choice candidate over the candidate who really shares your values. Now you send the top four August vote-getters to November. In November you rank the candidates you want to win. If your values align with mine, you can vote for me, and give another candidate your second-choice vote without giving any votes to Mike Dunleavy or others you don’t want to win. 

Here’s another important point: With four candidates in the November election, you want one best aligned with your values, and a second-choice candidate you can accept. You need both in the race. Otherwise, you’d leave room for Dunleavy and two more right-wing candidates to finish in the Top 4. Most of their second-choice votes will go to Dunleavy and put him over the 50% mark. That’s a losing proposition for Alaskans. 

We can win this race together. It requires that I work hard every day, and I’ll do that.

Date Posted: Thu, January 13, 2022