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Fri, October 01, 2021

Gara For Governor Kickoff Fundraiser – Thursday Oct. 7

Join Us Safely Online or Donate Today!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope you’ll join me and 50 great co-hosts Thursday, Oct 7 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. for our Campaign Kickoff fundraiser! Join from across the state! If you can’t join this online Zoom fundraiser, please donate on our website TODAY! We can change this state together.

Click Here To Get The Fundraiser Zoom Link

We deserve a better state with a brighter future. A state that values opportunity for all; one that creates the jobs and good schools we need to move forward. Read more on the issues here.

Why Not An In-Person Fundraiser Right Now? Alaska had the worst COVID infection rates in the nation for much of the past few weeks. It’s more important to keep you safe than risk your health. We’ll be back to normal fundraisers once it’s safe again.

Ranked Choice Voting: No More “Splitting the Vote” Concerns! At the end of this e-mail you’ll see how the new Ranked Choice Voting System is designed to let you support your preferred candidate, and then your second choice without the risk we used to have of “splitting the vote”.

I hope to see you On October 7! Questions? Contact us at

Thank you!

Join these great Co-hosts from across the State!

Heather Kendall-Miller & Lloyd Miller • Jane Angvik • Mike Williams Sr. • Robin Samuelson • Adam Verrier • Eleanor Andrews • Greg Razo • Debra Call • AlexAnna Salmon • April Ferguson • Former Sen. Hollis French • Former Rep. Woodie Salmon • Former Sen. Suzanne Little • Fairbanks Assemblywoman Mindy O’Neall • Juneau Assemblywoman Carole Triem • Anchorage Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel • Anchorage Assemblywoman Suzanne LaFrance • Juneau Assemblywoman Alicia Hughes Skandi • Kevin McGee • April Ferguson • Albert Kookesh, Jr. • Deena Mitchell • Kelly Lessens • Carl Jacobs • Karen & Steve Compton • Cindy Smith • Pete Mjos • Jerri and Wally Cole • Bill Oberly • Jennifer Hazen • Kim Metcalfe • Rosalie Rein • Ruth & Cole Carson • Michelle Sparck • Casey Steinau • Lorie Harden • Sue Johnson • Alec Kay & Laurie Macchello • Adam Mokelke • Katie Jo Parrott • Amanda Metivier • Darcy Dugan • Barb Malchick • Sara Childress • Rocky Plotnick • Anthony Banker • Jeff Barber • Scott Taylor • Harry Need • David Moxley • Katherine Carscallen • Jo and Peter Michalski • Seth Anderson

* * * *

Ranked Choice Voting: Vote For Your Preferred Candidate Without The Risk of “Splitting the Vote”.

In 2020 voters approved Ranked Choice Voting. The law was designed to let you vote for your preferred candidate without danger of “splitting the vote”. It was designed so you don’t have to vote for your second-choice candidate anymore.

This 2020 voter-approved initiative sends the top four vote-getting candidates in the August Primary to the November General Election. If your first choice doesn’t win, your second-choice candidate then gets your vote. Votes are now effectively “shared” not “split”.

Because four candidates will go to the November election under this law, running at least two good candidates also lowers the chances Governor Dunleavy will get another four years to dismantle this state. If the third and fourth-place candidates were Republicans, their second-choice votes would more likely go to Governor Dunleavy, and help him get re-elected. It’s much better for you to have a preferred candidate and an acceptable second-choice candidate to vote for.

Here’s how it works in more detail. In the November election if no one receives 50% of the vote – a very likely outcome – then the 4th place candidate is disqualified. The second-choice votes for that candidate are then distributed among the remaining three candidates. And if no candidate gets over the 50% threshold after that, the 3rd and 4th place choices, if voters cast 3rd and 4thchoices, get distributed to the remaining three candidates. If no one gets 50% of the vote at that point, then the second choices of the third-place candidate get distributed among the remaining two candidates.

If you don’t want Governor Dunleavy to get four more years, you don’t want more Dunleavy-aligned candidates whose 2nd choice votes will go to him and put him over the 50% threshold. If most of the challengers to Dunleavy have voters whose second-choice candidates are someone other than him, then we have a better chance to elect a better Governor.

Finally, I work hard. You know that about me. I know how to take an honest message to voters about the most important issues, which most Alaskans agree on. I’ll use your support to inform voters why it’s time for a change. We can win this race together.

Please donate as much as you are able, like your future depends on it. Because it does!