January 25, 2022

Press Release: Governor Disappeared When He Could Have Prevented Sickness, Hospitalization & Possibly Death

All Dunleavy’s said since November is “it’s up to individuals at this point”.

As warnings came in November and December that this variant was the most contagious form of COVID yet, Governor Dunleavy went silent before a public that would have benefited from information. There are reports people have been waiting outside Emergency Rooms with COVID, and at least one hospital is out of ICU space. His only statement on preventing infection came at a press conference last week, where he cut off press questions. His advice? “It’s up to individuals at this point.”

As the leader of this state while people fall ill, crowd hospitals, and as some die, is that you’re on your own.

“The Governor’s silence has been an irresponsible play to voters he’s scared to offend. No one could have stopped this COVID variant. But the leader of this state could have helped minimize illness and hospitalizations, and possibly death. When you’ve taken a job to lead on public health and safety, you’ve failed the state by disappearing from work,” said former legislator, and Gubernatorial candidate Les Gara. In mid-December and since, Gara called on the Governor’s to show up, and use his office to elevate the discussion on how more people could protect themselves, and help minimize infections that have predictably put people, hospitals and healthcare workers in stress.

“We knew by December 1 this wave was coming. In the face of a coming wave of illness and worse, this Governor chose to remain silent to get votes, rather than lead to minimize illness and potentially death. No one is calling for unpopular mandates. We’re just calling for leadership, and for this Governor to show up to work,” said Gara.

The Governor could have safely traveled the state and held press conferences to reach more people, including those who support him and might listen to a message from him.

At a minimum the Governor could have stood with, and confirmed the advice of experts and trusted local leaders on what masks are most appropriate to limit the spread of the most infectious COVID variant yet. He could have strongly confirmed expert advice that vaccinations and boosters help prevent death and hospitalization. He could have work an effective mask in public and let people know buff like the one he’s worn for much of this pandemic are fairly ineffective at preventing infection by the wearers and those around them.

“Experts, on their own, have a limited reach to the public. The Governor should be highlighting their message by standing with them, and by taking this message with them, safely, across the state, and by doing that at high profile press conferences,” said Gara.

For more information: Contact LesGara.com