May 9, 2022

Join Les & Jess for a Fundraiser Barbeque!

Join us at the downtown home of Bonnie DeArmoun and Seth Andersen for a great evening of fundraising, food, and music.

When? Wednesday, May 18 5-7PM

Where? 1017 N St., Anchorage

Special guests Vic Fisher and Jane Angvik. Music by Hannah Yoter


Vic Fischer & Jane Angvik, Tony & Susan Knowles, Mark Begich & Deborah Bonito, Heather Kendall-Miller & Lloyd Miller, Hollis French, Margo Bellamy, Caitlin Shortell, Elstun Lauesen, Debra Call, Patrice Parker, George Martinez, Kiana Peacock, Jennifer Hazen, Bill Oberly, Barb Brink, Erin Jackson-Hill, Jacqueline Carr & Shawn Beck, Anita Thorne, Jeff Silverman, Jo & Peter Michalski, Pat Abney, Sue Johnson, Elizabeth & Jim O’Malley, Barbara & Hal Gazaway, Ulyana & Lloyd Stiassny, Adam Mokelke, Sandra & John Christopherson, Cat Coward & Tim Silbaugh, Hannah Moderow & Erik Grafe, River Ramuglia, Linda Outcult, Marnie Hartill, Larissa Wright-Elson, Shellie Gooden, Elizabeth Manning, Mary Ellen Ashton & Fred Dewey, David Moxley, Lila Hobbs, Mercy & Elliott Dennis, Gail Dudley, Chelsea Foster, Mindy Meyn, John Mourecade