June 20, 2022

Les Gara Lays Out Campaign to Sitkans

Daily Sitka Sentinel | by Shannon Haugland | June 17, 2022

““You can’t just tear down a state – you have to build it up,” he said.

He said the state currently has a construction budget – “not counting this year of Russian blood money” – that’s 75 percent smaller than it was in 2014, and the state is losing opportunities as a result to put people to work in multiple sectors.

“I would put people before the oil industry,” he said. “I believe in being partners with our oil industry, but I don’t believe in being junior partners. And this governor has made us junior partners.”

Gara said he sees abortion rights and a woman’s right to choice – and the right to privacy – as “front and center of this election.” The right to privacy is established in the Alaska constitution.”

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