May 22, 2022

Opinion: Elise Patkotak – Gara’s Legislative Record: Pro-Choice, Stood Up For Foster Youth 

Anchorage Daily News | By Elise Patkotak | May 21, 2022

“Given the choice of candidates running for governor, I think anyone who knows me knows that I am backing Les Gara. And that is not because in our past lives we were both New Yorkers. It’s because of his support of foster kids, something dear to the heart of any of us who worked with those kids in the past and saw the potential that was being lost. But also because I know he won’t waver on this issue. Bill Walker, based strictly on the integrity he showed in his first term, is my second choice. I guess I hope that integrity will continue into a new administration, and he actually would stand firm on a woman’s right to choose.”

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