August 5, 2022

Press Release: The Gara-Cook Campaign Calls on State of Alaska to Correct Misleading Voter Info

Tens of Thousands of Alaskans Received Incorrect Info by Mail

ANCHORAGE — Today, Jessica Cook called on the State of Alaska to correct misleading information that was sent out in a mailer this week to tens of thousands of Alaskans. The mailer showed two voting examples—a “pick one primary” for the State Senate District B seat and “ranked choice” for the same example of a State Senate District B Seat.

“While I don’t believe the state is trying to mislead the public, this mailer will create voter confusion,” said Cook, long-time Alaska educator and running mate of gubernatorial candidate Les Gara. “A corrected mailer should be sent out immediately.” 

All races, including State Senate races, will fall under the “pick-one” race. The only race on the ballot that will fall under the new ranked-choice voting system is the special Congressional election between Mary Peltola, Nick Begich, and Sarah Palin.

Cook and Gara have both reached out to the Alaska Division of Elections, calling on them to fix the mistake and communicate that fix to all Alaskans who received the mailer.